UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 38 Threatpoint and Voice of Addiction

Finally back after a 3-week hiatus. Did you miss us? didn’t think so.  Phuck you haters. Every one of you. No one will stop the almighty Spitfire in 2018. So suck it and back off.This week 2 new bands

Threatpoint is a Thrash/Groove Metal band based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania formed March 2012 from the demise of their other bands. Chris James (vocals/guitar), Alex Olivetti (guitars/backing vocals) & CJ Krukowski (drums) sat down at a diner to layout the plans of what was to become Threatpoint. Rounding out the bands’ current lineup is Matt Van Fleet (bass). Being no stranger to Threatpoint, Matt actually helped finish recording their debut album. As of 2015 becoming a permanent member.
Fast forward 2017, with three full-length albums, an acoustic disc and hundreds of shows coast to coast in the United States, Threatpoint vows to not be taken lightly. Delivering a high energy show every single night they hit the stage and preparing to write and record their fourth and most ferocious effort to date, Threatpoint is a must-see for any metalhead.

Tastefully drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences, all of the members have strong writing skills and creative input. You will hear remnants of Classic Rock, Power Metal, Thrash Metal and straight up Hard Rock. On an occasion, you can find a sprinkle of Death Metal and European influence within their musical smorgasbord.

Still searching for a label to extend their helping hand Threatpoint drives at full speed ahead on their own strength and dollar flooding the underground music scene.

Voice of Addiction

Voice Of Addiction are politically charged and socially conscious Chicago based punk-rockers. V.o.A. has been around over a decade doing 1,200 shows across the U.S. & Canada. Having 5 official releases & independently selling 6,500 physical copies these boys have proven they are a force to be reckoned with. V.O.A. realizes how important the live show is to their career & never fail to deliver a highly dynamic and energetic performance in which all are encouraged to participate. Both a new full-length album and a feature-length documentary are due to be released in 2018.

PRESS RELEASE: https://voiceofaddiction.com/press-release-2017

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