Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – A Lonely Crowd: Transients

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A Lonely CrowdMelbourne, Australia’s A Lonely Crowd boasts that they are not beholden to any current trends or fickle public tastes. Their debut album, Transients, is certainly evidence aplenty to back up such a bold claim.

Throughout the album listeners are delighted with a wide array of experimental sounds and avant-garde instrumentation. Here, no two songs sound alike, with each being more unique than the last.

The album opens with an ambient track with a psychedelic space-like feel that leads into the first real track, “Godamnesia”. This lead number is lined with near-freestyle drumming akin to progressive rock’s more unusual fare. “The Fall” opens up with a riff inspired perhaps by the guitar work of Tosin Abasi of Animals as Leaders and is definitely a boundary pusher in terms of experimental rock. Xen Havales’s vocals are quite jazz-like, yet not cliché of the genre. Her voice stands out as airy and light with the right amount of solidity to fit the goals of the band.

Overall, this has definitely been a unique album if there was one among progressive/ avant-garde rock. I, personally, enjoy such music time and again and could easily see Transients taking a spot in my personal collection. Recommended for fans of An Endless Sporadic and Exivious.

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