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Alamance - CollateralAlamance: Collateral
BY Dj Lehr

Alamance’s debut album “Collateral” is a straightforward rock album with a down-time/take the car for a spin feel to the overall project. Heavy guitars, a funky blues-like bass line, drumming with a hybrid of modern and classic rock style make this album stand out among most other rock groups out there.
The songs on Collateral are consistent in sound without becoming tiresome or repetitive. The opener, Vegas, is an energetic piece that makes you feel like you’re on a day in the big city. “End of the Road” begins with a soft clean guitar sound, and is a bit slower than the other tracks in it’s pace, but once the overdriven distortion kicks in, the listener will find that it fits into the album smoothly with the other selections. “So High” is an upbeat track with a smooth flow in its chorus, and closing out the album is the song “May”. Like “End of the Road”, May is a bit slower than the usual fare with another kick into hard rock gear and surprise harsh vocals right by the end.
Overall, “Collateral” is definitely one to add to a collection of music for personal time, and is a great effort put out by the Eugene, Oregon rockers. One downside, though, is that it’s a fairly short album, and it feels like it’s suddenly over just as soon as it begins. Perhaps we will see longer material from Alamance in the future.

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