Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – A Band Called Mithras

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band called mithrasA Band Called Mithras:

No Bargain or Reprieve

Out of Howell, Michigan comes a rather eclectic project with a pop/alternative rock tinge. A Band Called Mithras (which is the name of the project) is fairly well rooted in the rock scene of the 60 and 70s and has a significant Beatles influence, along with a hint of 90s alternative. It’s difficult to name an artist to which ABCM can be compared, as despite the obvious era and genre influences, they maintain a unique sound.

The Percussion is somewhat cymbal-heavy and is a bit prominent in the overall mix of the album. The electric guitars are fuzzy and overdriven without being too crunchy, and the acoustic guitars are quite clear and warm in tone. The bass is decently audible, not mixed in too low or high. The keyboard mix is interesting, as it can be quiet in some areas and louder elsewhere; and this is throughout the album.

No Bargain or Reprieve is, while rather unusual stylistically, an album that could grow on the listener, if he or she is unaccustomed to the counterculture rock scene and could almost be seen as a revival of sorts of quirky psychedelic music of days long passed. Standout tracks: Ruby, Night Rider, Walk Away Renee.

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