Up Close and On Fire – CD Review – A Social State

Written by DJ Lehr
Produced by Spitfire and Kickazz

Each week you can expect a CD review by him where he gets Up Close and Personal by reviewing their CD for you guys the listeners!

Social StateA Social State: How To Get To Heaven


Out of the hometown of our Station, Scranton, Pennsylvania, comes a rock group reminiscent of Weezer with a hint of power pop/90s alternative influence. A Social State’s How To Get To Heaven opens with a simple drumbeat and guitar riff with a rather trippy vibe that leads into the first main song, Side by Side. This first main track holds true to similar pop-punk formulas while keeping a sound of its own. The next song, Kidnapped, definitely reminds me, personally, of old Paramore, only slightly more brooding vocally.

The guitars are a mix of a clean tone and a light-to-medium overdrive, mixed evenly with the drums. The bass is slightly inaudible at times, but isn’t left out completely. I definitely feel it could have been slightly higher to close in on the tone of the other instruments.

Overall, I would say that A Social State has put out a decent sophomore effort before putting the project on hold (as of October 2015). I really think that A Social State could have reached new heights possibly becoming a major act with enough hard work. Time will tell if these men will reactivate their band and make A Social State a household name.

Listen to “Up Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 1 A Social State” on Spreaker.

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