Up Close and On Fire– CD Review – After Death

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the-power-of-music-quotesReviewer’s Note: Available studio quality/CD rip material is insufficient, so this review is based upon a live performance of tracks from the Eulogy EP. I may revisit this band if I can get a proper recording.

The United Kingdom offers us a metal band with a sound akin to Killswitch Engage and other popular metalcore (metal and hardcore punk fusion) bands like As I Lay Dying and Bullet For My Valentine with influences from In Flames. The band After Death began in 2005 with Marc Yacas on lead guitar, Barry O’Connor on drums and vocals and Leon Villalba on rhythm guitar.
Interestingly enough, After Death played early shows without a bassist, as noted in their CD launch performance at Decadencia X in 2009.
The song “In Ruins” begins with a warlike drumbeat with guitars chugging along in gallop-styled riff. Barry’s mixture of clean and harsh vocals is a feat on its own, but to double it alongside drums playing takes true talent, and that is what this UK outfit provides throughout. Their song “We Are The Now” is a blazingly fast track with a tight rhythm section with a ripping lead. Beyond Suffering is another lightning quick track, but has a nice slowdown in the midsection with an undistorted guitar sound and Barry’s clean signing is featured quite well.
I’ll admit that metalcore and similar bands are a rarity in my own collection, but I can easily make some room for this EP. Unfortunately, I do not know if these guys are still active, though I hope that one day they will resurface and provide us with new material.


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