UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 40 Empire in Decline and Radio Kartel

Empire In Decline ” is a Northeast PA-based band featuring three former members of one of NEPA’s favorite local original bands ” Plus 3 .” After releasing two full-length albums, achieving local and regional airplay also gaining much experience from playing the countless amount of memorable shows throughout Northeast & Central PA ” Plus 3 ” dissolved in 2011.
Fast forward to March 2013 three of the former members found themselves reunited and immediately began working on new original material along with a vast collection of covers from the 70’s to present.

Radio Kartel 

a three-piece Rock Alternative power trio band from San Pedro, California. Started back in 2013, the band consists of Johnny Aralica Guitar & Vocals, Ray Solorio Bass & Vocals & Jerry Trebotic Drums. Johnny and Jerry met back in 1988 in a recycler ad in their teens and together have been in bands like Greenhouse, Seven Poisons, and CroTech. Ray and Johnny met back in 2006 when an impromptu jam at a Johnny Angry rehearsal got Ray in the band the next day. Besides playing in Johnny Angry, Ray has also been in LA Eyez and the metal band Scarred. Johnny has also been in 22 Minutes, Under The God with Vincent Rocco & The Angry (Johnny Angry after Ray joined Scarred). Jerry has also been in a number of bands like Joy Ride, Vitamin L, Evenrude and is currently the drummer for Mike Watt & The Secondmen. Just take a listen. No gimmicks, no sequencers, no computers. Just Guitar, Bass & Drums. Can you handle that???


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