What’s an ID3 tag?

This is a repost of a post that I did back on  Jul 14, 2015 via The Indie Authority  and seems that Spitfire and Kickazz - FB Thumb - JPEGwe have to have the education lesson again because I had to delete over 40 tracks that were not tagged proper.
That being said, if you can’t take the time to tag it proper when you send it to the show, it’s not going to be played. It will be deleted and you will get the following message

HI I am contacting you on behalf of Livewire with LadySpitfire. Calling to notify you that your tracks are not tagged properly.  Therefore this submission has been rejected.

Until you can tag them properly please resubmit to submit@theindieauthority.com Thanks and have a good day. If you have any questions you can reach out to Lady Spitfire at submit@theindieauthority.com. Cheers!

So now onto the education lesson, pay attention, because the more that this happens, the more that I am going to share this up and get it out to the masses. I feel like I am in grade school because there are artists that want us to just play the music. If a record store did that how would you be paid? You wouldn’t!

What is an ID3 tag? I am sure most of you would LOVE to know that’s why I, Lady Spitfire am here to tell you.

See the picture below -An ID3 tag is a a container that stores information about your music. A Id3 is what has the information about your music. The ID3 stores inforamtion such as (see below pic) This allows the nformation to travel with the file so that when you send it to radio stations, podcasts and more they will know whose playing on the show/station.
if you don’t tag your stuff how do you expect people to know whose on the radio


This is what you fill it out…

Title (Song Title)

Under the media section….

Contributing Aritists / Album Artist (Self Explanatory)
Album (Album Name)
Year (Self Explanatory)
# (Track Number)
Genre (what genre are you. Cut the chit, use a known genre, not your own)

That’s it.

The purpose of this today is as follows …

Had a musician contact the station asking if we would play their music on the station, I said sure. Send the information along, and I mentioned that it has to be tagged. Musician came back with

Forget it your the first internet radio station out of 100’s that wouldn’t just download an MP3. Still don’t know what you mean. Best of luck to you. Good Luck.

Why can’t you just download our album?

Why do I have to go through SonicBids?

Here’s why.

How the **** do you expect me to put it on the show if I don’t know who the **** I am promoting!

So after a long lengthy response – moral of the story – if you don’t know how to do this, don’t want my olive branch and learn? I won’t be playing your music period.  Find another station that’s not licensed or not submitting their stuff properly and suffer with the fines when they come back and make a pinch.



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