Wildaways Joins LadySpitfire

Every week some band from somewhere joins LadySpitfire, Kickazz and DJ Lehr wanting to be heard, well without further adieu, here you go! 


Whether it is metalcore, emocore or hardcore, Wildways are not about genres. Their music is about feelings. The overwhelmingly emotional lyrics and amazing stage presence fuse up with a unique blend of various ‘core‘ genres to create something that will blow you away!

Recently caught up with the guys……

1.​ Where are you located? Is there a sizable music scene in your area?

Oh, that’s hard story. All of us were borned and live in another cities of mother russia. Right now 1 of us leave in Ryazan (near Moscow), 1 in Moscow, 2 in St. Petersburg and 1 in Bryansk.

This area and Russia in general don’t have a lot of really good bands, don’t know why.

2.​ What year did you form?

We were formed in 2009 year by “Sarah Where Is My Tea” if we talking about “Wildways” we were formed in 2014 haha, but that’s the same band.

3.​ Were you under any other names? What is the meaning of your old name? Is there material from any previous moniker?

Yes sure, our vocalist Toli – is a forever “sniper” haha. Check him out. Our bass player – Harry (his Russian name actually Igor, but Harry more American haha) forever a “kitchenman” cause he’s really amazing cook and he have an education of that

4.​ How was your first single received by fans/media?

2K dislikes on YouTube maaaaan, everythig is perfect hahaha

5.​ When did you release your first album? How did the public rate it?

It was super long time ago and actually I already don’t remember that. It was a progressive metalcore and that shit was pretty famous here in Russia but honestly I don’t know why, cause that’s a shit, hahaha

6.​ Where did you go on your first tour? What were these shows like?

Russian tour, we was playing a support shows for famous deathcore Russian band “My Autumn” it was amazing and so PUNK. We were super young and every day was like a last and apocalypse

7.​ When did you record your next album?

Our new album “Into The Wild” (coming march 25) was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona in february 2015 with best Cameron Mizell. Never forget this time. So much fun!

8.​ You recorded a cover of Lana del Rey’s song “Born to Die”. Is there any significance to this choice? Or is it just a cover out of appreciation?

Yeah, we were on European-UK tour and every fucking day we were jamming Lana’s album in a van. That sound made us sleep. We just a big fans of her music and that was jus obviously!

9.​ How was the VANS Warped Tour Battle of the Bands?

Don’t know man, haha. We won a vote on web-site but we never played cause we didn’t have enought time and money to fly in Germany and play this. The winners was chosen too late.

10.​ Who are your influences, musically?

Most big influence for me from youth it’s Mitch Luker and Oli Sykes

11.​ What influences your lyrics?

My forever broken heart dude

12.​ Do you consider yourselves having a genre, or is your style of playing just a playing style?

Hard question. Me and all guys never think about genre. We just make music man, and music can be bad or good. I hope we make good, hahaha

13.​ Why did you change your old name after some time?

Our old name was just too youth and little stupid. But anyway we love it. We just wanted to get any more serious name

14.​ When did you release your debut under the new name? Have there been any significant changes to your material?

Yeah, our 1st song “What You Feel” under Wildways all the way more poppy and soft than last Sarah Where Is My Tea releases

15.​ What can we expect in the future?

Russian invasion on VANS warped tour. It’s my dream cause any Russian band never played on warped. We wanna be 1st! I hope

16.​ How can people get in contact with you?

Facebook messages

17.​ Final thoughts?

Vodka vodka vodka


Check out the new video below

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